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Redmond, WA 98052

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, our team are highly qualified to create customized creative website designs from scratch. We specialize in understanding our clients and businesses need and we create specific designs accordingly. In addition, we provide already created template designs for faster delivery, basic website needs and lower cost. By working with Webneoo, you will have different options that will match your need and budget.

Webneoo proudly uses Amazon AWS web hosting services for multiple valid reasons: Amazon AWS servers are one of the PREMIUM servers worldwide. AWS is easy to use even for new applicants, provides clients with their exact capacity needs, maintains speed and agility by providing the service within minutes, and protects clients’ privacy on their secure and reliable servers.

Of course, we host emails dealing with one of the premium mail providers in the world, Google. We also work with other providers such as GoDaddy but we always recommend our clients to go for PREMIUM solutions.

Webneoo deliver high-end projects by going through, what we call, the path to success.
The road of each project starts from the “Analysis and Design” phase by breaking down the project into simpler smaller units and drawing a conceptual database design.
Moving into the fun phase of “Development”, where the code is written and tested before integrating it in the system.
After that comes the “Data Integration” and “Beta Testing” phases, where the real data is uploaded and the project is tested by deploying it on a testing server.
Finally, the “Deployment” phase where the world gets to see the marvelous artwork.

Depends on each project. Some projects takes our team few days. While some takes several months of dedicated hard work.

Of course, Webneoo provides technical support depending on the type of project and the package chosen.

Never. The relationship between Webneoo and our clients is extremely transparent and smooth. We share all the costs with the client before signing the contract.